• We recruit all-star consultants who are passionate about technology.

  • We recruit all-star consultants who are passionate about technology.

  • We recruit all-star consultants who are passionate about technology.

  • We recruit all-star consultants who are passionate about technology.

  • We recruit all-star consultants who are passionate about technology.

The Precision Team

At Precision Development, it’s not enough to be a great developer. We expect each team member to understand our client’s business and design solutions that add value.

Precision Development has built its reputation by solving the complex problems that keep business stakeholders up at night. We pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality of our team. We’re not just programmers, we’re consultants with exceptional communication skills and real-world business experience.

Many members of our development team have advanced degrees in Finance, Accounting and Business Management so we can understand your requirements and use technology to enhance your business and streamline key processes. Whether your goal is to launch a world-class website and shopping experience, improve internal or customer-facing systems, or to manage and understand tens of billions of rows of data, our team is up to the challenge.

Our Principals

Greg Ferris

Co-Founder and Board Member

For over twenty years, Greg has been providing technology consulting for clients of all sizes, ranging from Internet start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Greg’s specific expertise is in designing and managing the development of highly available, web-based, data-driven applications with a focus on the digital entertainment and video-on-demand industries. Greg has overseen and participated in the development of e-commerce systems, mobile applications, inventory systems, manufacturing workflow systems, enterprise tax software, mobile inventory auditing applications, social networking applications, scheduling applications, and a number of other large and small projects.

Paul Zimny

Co-Founder and Board Member

Paul Zimny has been fascinated with computer programming since being introduced to BASIC on an Apple IIe as a kid and has had the good fortune of turning that childhood fascination into a career in technology. Early in that career, Paul had the opportunity to participate in the development of one of the largest private sector databases ever built. That work sparked an interest in Big Data (before they had that trendy name for it) that has been a common thread in much of the work Paul has done since. For over twenty years, Paul has worked as a developer and technology consultant participating in the strategic planning, technical architecture and development of secure, high availability applications with a focus on systems that perform complex calculations on large amounts of data.

Dave Ross

Managing Director

David Ross is a Technical Project Manager with specialized experience in the financial services industry. He has an exceptional ability to construct and facilitate cohesive teams, communicate with and lead software developers, and liaise with key stakeholders.

Over the last 15 years, David has worked on financial systems ranging from business critical web applications for non-bank private equity & mortgage lenders, multi-billion dollar core tax processing systems for the Australian Government, to enterprise tax and financial calculation software for top global accounting firms. Each of these environments presented unique, high pressure, high visibility challenges that not only required intelligence, analytical thinking, experience, and integrity, but they were demanding in ways that required ingenuity and adaptability.

Our Consultants

Daniel Weltman

Donny, who has been working in software development for over ten years, is the only ordained rabbi on the staff at Precision. From his first job at a non-profit, he recognized the capacity of technology to improve lives in a tangible way. Donny carries this idea through to his extensive financial application development, finding ways to leverage the latest technologies to improve user experience. Outside of the office, Donny enjoys volunteering as a tutor to grade-school kids.








Sowmya Chigarapalle

Sowmya has over eight years of experience working on web and Windows based applications using Microsoft technologies. Her skill set includes working on applications built using multiple technologies, using various test frameworks, leading teams and performing cost estimation analysis.





Suzan Webb

Suzan’s first computer was one of a number of Apple IIe’s donated by Apple to the private school where she worked as the Headmaster’s Assistant in 1983. Now, having worked in office administration through all of the computer and software iterations since, Suzan is very happy to be managing the office for Precision’s meticulous and talented cadre of developers, who are designing software, apps, and websites for all kinds of client applications, including the groundbreaking array of Apple’s devices. Who would have ever dreamed that the Apple IIe would someday grow up to be the iPhone 6?

Mahesh Khekhenchery

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Tyler Garland

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